Courses on Film Analysis Aesthetics
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Courses on Film: Analysis, Aesthetics, and History

You will be watching a lot of movies in the upcoming weeks. Make the most out of it!

Do you want to know more about the context? Are you a horror fanatic? Do you want to get all the references in the films of Tarantino, Wes Anderson and Guillermo del Toro? Do you want to see the connection between Italian, Indian, Iranian and Latin American neorealism?

Are you interested in film history? Aesthetics? Writing reviews?

Or do you simply want to pick better films for watching?

Friendly and patient expert in film studies, a PhD candidate with university teaching experience offers insightful online classes in several fields of film for 20 EUR/60 mins.

The topics of the lessons are tailored according to your preferences, and the first 30-minute-long class is a free trial.

Write a message if you are interested or have more questions!


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